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May 12

Pectin Levels In Fruit

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Pectin is a naturally occurring carbohydrate found mostly in the skin and core of fruit, when combined with acid and sugar it forms a gel, the essential process for setting jam.

Different types of fruit have different levels of pectin content, and it is at it's highest levels in slightly under-ripe fruit.

When making jam or jelly with a fruit high in pectin it will set easily.

Low pectin fruit can still be made to set, but will need help in one of the following ways:

  • Adding pectin stock (home made from apples or gooseberries), or commercial pectin.
  • Using jam sugar with added pectin (as in this Raspberry Jam recipe)
  • Adding lemon juice to the fruit, the acid helps extract the pectin.

The list below is intended as a guide, bear in mind that most recipes will say if you need to add extra pectin.

Links are to recipes containing that fruit.

Fruit Pectin Level
Apples (cooking) High
Apples (crab) High
Apples (desert) Medium
Blackberries (early) Medium
Blackberries (late) Low
Blueberries Medium
Citrus Fruit High
Currents (red, black, white) High
Damsons High
Elderberries Low
Figs Low
Gooseberries High
Greengages Medium
Mulberries Medium
Peaches Low
Pears Low
Plums (sweet)
Plums (sour) High
Quince High
Raspberries (ripe)
Raspberries (unripe) Medium
Rhubarb Low
Sloes Medium
Strawberries Low

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Pickle and Preserve - as recommended by the BBC Food Blog
Well done P & P - the BBC Food Blog now quotes you!!
Bruce , August 12, 2011 | url
Pectin Advice
Found your Blog Post on the Pectin Content of fruit very useful.
Patsy Smiles , May 09, 2013 | url
What are the pectin levels of banana. How do make a good banana jam?
Johanna Anderson Miss , December 30, 2013
How much extra Lime Juice or home-made pecting from granny smith's
Hi there - How much extra lime juice or home-made pectin from granny smith's apples to 1kg of papaya jam made from papaya Holland to make it set? Approximately will do ...
I thank you in advance for your help and kindness and look forward to hearing from you.
Eberhard , February 03, 2015

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