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May 18

Reusing Glass Jam Jars

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Recycling glass jars by reusing them is a good way of keeping costs down, and of course helps save the energy used to recycle them through the bottle bank.  Jars can be used again and again, and after some time you can end up only having to replace a few each year.
Think of it as milk bottles for jam.

There are, however, some precautions to take to make sure that your jam or chutney stays sealed and uncontaminated.

Labels should be first removed from jars, some come off easier than others, and I tend to just stick to reusing jars with easy to remove labels.

All jars should be checked very carefully for small cracks or chips, any that are damaged should be put in the bottle bank, as these are ideal hiding places for bacteria.

Jars should be thoroughly scrubbed to remove any traces of what was in them before, be extra careful if you are reusing pickled onion jars for delicately flavoured  jam.

Lids should have a lining of plastic, otherwise they may rust. Lids tend to be of a few standard sizes, so finding extra lids is not usually a problem.

Jars should then of course be sterilised just before filling, using either the oven method, or dishwasher method.

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A good resource
Nice article. I find that Wares of Knutsford is a great place to buy Jam Jars. I think they are currently the cheapest in the UK, and they also sell lids and spares, which are great if you want to reuse jars but are missing a few lids or labels.
Dave , June 18, 2012
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